Role of NGO in Youth Empowerment


Empowering the Youth of Today

Youth Empowerment can be defined as amplifying the status of young people, giving them the power to grow with respect to their key capabilities that would help them in life. It would also assist them in contributing and essentially benefitting them from a governmentally stable, financially workable and an environment that would be legally supportive.

The youth in the rural and urban part of India has a massive amount of talents that is raring to come out into the open. But they are naturally introverts, and a proper platform is just what they need to flourish and grow higher and stronger. Many of the Inter-Governmental Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations are now taking this step forward to empower the youth of today because they are the future of this nation.

It is imperatively difficult to carry out this process by a singular state for shouldering and thereby discharging the responsibilities that come with it. NGOs and other voluntary organizations from all over the country need to come together for this process. This would positively contribute to gain equity and also groom them to attain a sustainable and an end to end development process that is favorable for them.

India is a country of a youth that is boundless and is not privy to age-old practices that had plagued the nation before. The youth of today wants empowerment against the age-old practices and fly high into the sky of opportunity.

Why is there a need for Youth Empowerment?

Youth is the backbone of the country. The success of this country depends on how accurately we execute the measures for empowering them. The youth of today is facing problems of greater immensity which is why youth empowerment activities must be there in the country.

With respect to the Commonwealth Plan of Action for Youth Empowerment or PAYE, some of the key areas that need immediate focus include,

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Civic and Political Participation

Some of the reasons as to why youth empowerment in India is needed are as follows,

  • The youth of today is in a transitionary phase right from the beginning. This is very crucial as they can get affected socially, psychologically and behaviorally, and that is where a proper molding is needed.
  • It is important to alleviate the social, political and financially motivated crimes in the country, as this might cause a worse impact on them.
  • Appropriate life skills must be included at the earliest age so that they can grow up to be model citizens of the country.
  • Youth Empowerment also gives rise to self-employment and early age entrepreneurs who would focus on doing something unique for themselves and the nation as a whole.
  • Regional co-operation is another vital aspect that needs everyone’s focus so that everyone can be on the same page.

Non-Governmental Organizations and youth empowerment foundations can always work on improving all these vital aspects on a stage by stage basis as nothing happens out of the blues, or in an instant. It is a gradual process and the current youth needs to be educated on all these aspects.

NGOs works for Education in India

The role of NGOs for educating underprivileged children has been fairly instrumental and many such empowerment programs have made a world of difference to them. Many of the NGOs have garnered support from Government, organizations, banking sectors, independent donors and other organizations into making this a resounding reality.

NGOs are keeping the focus on educating the youth on activities like spoken English, arts and crafts, music, nursing techniques, Secretarial training, accounting application training like Tally, electrical training, automobile, and filter training, sports training and so on and so forth.

NGOs are also educating the Youth in setting up Grameen Banks so that the villagers would not fall short of cash in times of financial crunches. They are also motivated to form Self Help Groups in the near future so that it would benefit the villages, and also are taught to take initiative in the leadership training programs that would prove advantageous to them in the future.

Skill Development Training by NGO

Apart from proper education, it is imperative that the youth understands the importance of inculcating vital skills while also learning basic things. Some of the skills are natural, while some need time and patience to understand and then inculcate. NGOs can help in unlocking the true potential of the youth and get to understand where they stand in terms of current skill sets.

The Government of India has created a Ministry of National Skill Development Corporation which helps the youth as well as the adults in unlocking their true potential. NGOs along with the co-operation from NSDC can help the youth in getting into multiple sectors. Some of the key objectives that are followed with respect to skill development are as follows,

  • International Standard Skills that would involve industry involvement and also formulate the necessary structure for quality assurance.
  • Support and coordination from many private sector companies to elevate skill development through Public Private Partnership models so that the youth can focus on monetary involvement from such sectors.
  • Many technical and soft skills are taught through these organizations so that the youth of today can strive to be industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and heads of multi-national business houses in the future.

If you have a query pertaining to, how can I get skill development training for a job, then you can visit the website of any NGO for more information.

The Effect of NGOs on Youth Empowerment

The effect of NGOs with respect to Youth Empowerment has been largely positive, and the youth is grasping in the knowledge in a positive way. Also statistically speaking, the empowerment index of the youth of all dimensions has shown a positive rise.

Therefore, it can also be said that the level of empowerment for the youth has increased exponentially with the inclusion of NGOs as the primary party. Empowerment programs on soft skills, technical skills, and industry level programs have essentially assisted the youth in becoming the leaders of tomorrow, and it will continue to happen as the years go by.

Role of NGO in Youth Empowerment

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