Role of NGOs in Training under Privileged Youth

Role of NGOs in skill development Training under Privileged Youth

Role of NGOs in Training under Privileged Youth

The role of NGOs varies around ,  some NGOs work to support the poor and needy ,  they work for the betterment of the poor and provides them with the necessities. Some works for the community help , youth empowerment foundations ,  health promotion , environmental promotion , sanitation hygienic promotion and all other health related promotion. NGOs have always played a major role in the community by helping each and every people. Here are the roles of NGOs in training underprivileged children

Problems faced by Under Privileged Youths

  1. Poverty is the main problem faced by today’s generation. Even though India is one of the developing countries , poverty is still haunting India , and many homes cannot even afford a healthy life and youth are also a victim of these.
  2. Inadequate Employment Opportunities kills the youth. After completing their degrees , many youths are just jobless and are earning peanuts which cannot help and support their family which kills the youth.
  3. Substance Abuse is a very serious problem faced by youth as they think smoking and drugs are a cool part of society whereas they are not only damaging their health as well as threating their own society.
  4. Materialism is also an issue faced by an adult. Comparing each other , making each other jealous are few main materialism’s. When they have no jobs and are idle , thoughts start wandering their mind and they get indulged in wrong activities while just having no money. They start to spend money inaccurately even when they have nothing to spend.

Solutions to the problems faced by Under Privileged Youths

The main solution all these problems is proper employment opportunities. Without giving adequate job opportunities to under privileged youths, any of those problems cannot be solved, we have to offer proper jibs to the youths to permanently remove the problems from its roots.The NGOs provide employment opportunities for the people who are homeless and jobless by giving them jobs in their NGO and getting them jobs from other non-government institutions. By helping them getting jobs ,  they are making homes for poor. Even though the government is steadily increasing the opportunities of schools in India for underprivileged. Role of NGO for educating underprivileged children is one of the major important features , by partnering with the elementary schools in India. Getting youths indulged in jobs ,solves almost all the problems faced by youth. They will be engaged in the social , political and physical activities and will get no other time for wrong activities , substance abuse and any other unnecessary activities.

Non-Government Organisations works for Under Privileged Youth?

Non-Government Organisations also work to promote the social ,  emotional ,  spiritual and mental well-being of youth. Deficient in these , youth cannot work and think properly. Non-Government Organisation also focus on generating opportunities for youth empowerment in India as well as opportunity to express themselves. So , Non-Government Organisation provide opportunity to the youth to express and show their potentiality. So Non-Government Organisation conduct programs and activities to pressurize the authorized sector to provide opportunity for youth to participate in all parts of government and decision-making status.

Non-Government Organisationdoes not work on youth ,but theywork with youth. As a Non-Government Organisation ,  workernot feel that they are working for developing the youth empowerment activities capacity but they are working to enhance the potential capacity which all youth have but that may be hidden because they may not get chance to express those hidden potentiality. To enhance the potential capacity of youth Non-Government Organisation , focus on practical knowledge as well as skills and give skill development training by NGO where they can use those creativity , skills , and potentialities. Non-Government Organisation minimize the activities and knowledge which only gives theoretical aspects. As just Non-Government Organisation works with youth it does not mean that youth know nothing , Non-Government Organisation respect the opinion and skills of the youth. Even so many things Non-Government Organisation does not know , youth can teach them so many things , so Non-Government Organisation have ability to accept the uniqueness of individuals.

Additionally, NGOs promote education through objective research. In order to understand the needs of the educational institute and needy resources, they need to research thoroughly. After doing that, the NGOs will get to know about the weak areas that are not given funds for providing the proper quality education in education institutes, schools and colleges. Being recommended for other changes in syllabus for students to get the proper jobs and ever-changing needs. The government will also give out these researches, NGOs have the professionals and specialists for handling the issues concluded. Without proper objective research, any educational institute will not be able to be in the long run keeping pace with other institutes that have funds.

Besides these , Non-Government Organisationwill be able to connect with the need of youth empowerment with their communities and nation. ANon-Government Organisation we convince them that they are the nation builder , without them the nation is nothing. Whatever they can do in western countries same can be done here. Non-Government Organisationbe able make them feel that how much they are needed and useful for their own communities and nation.

What can we take away from this?

Non-Government Organisation be able to connect youth with their communities and nation. All youths are leader. Some youth may not know how to lead. Non-Government Organisation build the self-esteem of youth and provide training on leadership to develop and enhance their leadership. Non-Government Organisation themselves might be the role model for youth to make them think about the nation/community development. No any sustainable development is possible if youth are not interested or if youth do not take leadership. The Non-Government Organisation conduct research and survey to find-out the needs of youth and the necessities of youth empowerment and then they formulate programs which are relevant with youth.

Role of NGOs in Training under Privileged Youth

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