Skill Development: Opportunities and Challenges in India

Skill Development Opportunities and Challenges in India

Skill Development: Opportunities and Challenges in India

India is a developing country and the government has been making dedicated efforts to improve the skills of the upcoming youth in a proficient way. The skill development needs to be associated with the employment opportunities for the youth. Without the employment opportunities in the country, it won’t resolve the issue of unemployment in the nation. Thus, VSDC- Vedubuild Skill Devlopment centre which is a unit of Vedubuild trust which is a professionals group. The professionals in this development centre are from various fields like IT, management and Finance.

VSDC focuses on skin development and employment in India as we have the aim of educating the youth for the betterment of the country. According to the previous skill report of India, it was claimed that India lacks in the skill development factor. There is a lot of skill gap in the retail sector. A skill gap refers to the gap between the requirements of the employers and the capabilities of the employees. In India, there is a huge skill mismatch in India. That is why, we at VSDC- Vedubuild Skill Development centre work as a skill development sector in India.

What is the need of Skill Development in India?

There are a lot of issues related to the skill development and employment in India. Skill development is the most required part for any industry. Every company focuses on hiring skilled employees. Market is demanding skills now. Skills are what make you a professional person in your field.  The youth is facing problems of skill formation because of either lack of money or other aspects.

Skill development works as an improvement in the proficiency, ability to perform well in the work, improving your skill sets, completing tasks within the deadline etc. Skill development helps you in analyzing your abilities and making use of it to perform better in your tasks.

Importance of skill development in India

Skills are no longer dependent on your choice. You need to have good skills for your future in the world of professions. The main aim of skill development is:

  • Setting of workforce which has ample knowledge
  • Skilled employees which will result in higher productivity
  • The employees should have sufficient knowledge to work effectively
  • To result in better growth of the company and eventually an increase in the GDP of India

VSDC- Vedubuild Skill Development centre focuses on the problem with skill development in India. We are a workforce who with dedicated efforts contributes to educate the masses for the development of the nation. For the good economic growth, skill development is essential. India is on the verge of being a developed country and it requires many skilled professionals. We at VSDC make the availability of skilled manpower in India as we focus on educating the youth in the best way.

Challenges associated with Skill Development in India

There are many problems with skill development in India. Some are listed below:

  • Mobilization is necessary for students to get trained but because of the traditional mindset and the low willingness to migrate, students lack in skills.
  • The insufficient capacity of the skilled labour has a drastic effect on the development. The faculty is required to be good in number and skilled which can take up the higher responsibilities.
  • It has become difficult to find students for the trainings. Also, people are not looking after new kind of jobs.
  • The wages are decided according to the skilled, semi-skilled and non-skilled persons. But they need to be decided according to the National Skill Qualification framework (NSQF).

Also, there are some disadvantages of skill development. People who get trained or professional in particular field behave like they are the heads of the particular work. For the better growth of the company, everybody needs to work in a combined workforce. The main disadvantages of skill development are:

  • Arrogance/Overconfidence: When one gets proficient in their working field, they allow their ego to inflate and start showing off like they are the best in their field.
  • Losing interest: One loses interest in the skill once they get professional in it. Professionals need to be challenged as else they don’t work in a better way. Some challenge is necessary to make their work interesting.
  • Be the best: Instead of losing interest in your work, go ahead on improving yourself as until and unless you do it, you will be a negative part in the skill development

Opportunities associated with Skill development in India

The Job markets are focusing on the upcoming technological world. Companies want the changes in job creations not in job loss. Everyday there is a new invention in some field and the companies need professionals for the similar role. The focus is on the time optimisation, increase in the productivity and making the things more digital for everybody’s access. The Skill development in India is necessary as India is a developing country and offers us with a lot of opportunities. But due to the lack of employed youth, there comes resistance in the growth of the country.

To train the students, VSDC provides the free service to the unemployment youth. There are a lot of opportunities in this developing nation like graphic designing professionals, web designers etc. We focus on your training and help you in getting the appropriate knowledge in the respective field. We focus on making the youth employed so that they can take up the skill training. This will help them in a secured livelihood. VSDC trust is based to teach the youth of age 15 to 35. We train the children of poor families who do not have enough to invest in their studies.

Developing India is offering a lot of opportunities to make your life secure. Do not run after less paid jobs and get in touch with us for the best training in your chosen field. We will make you professional with the practical training so that you can beat the challenges that come your way.

Skill Development courses at VSDC- Vedubuild Skill Development Centre

VSDC- the skill development institute works to render you the trainings which are related to Web designing, web development, Finance and accounting, Business and management etc. We offer you skill development training in 200 + programs under NSDC ( National Skill Development Corporation). We also focus on training the educated youth to open up their own institutes to educate the rest illiterate masses. We strive for the growth of the country which will eventually lead to the success of combined efforts of VSDC. The skill development courses offered by VSDC are:

  • Computer software and hardware
  • Graphic designing
  • Web designing
  • Web development
  • Finance accounting
  • Office automation
  • Multimedia and animation
  • Computer teacher’s training
  • Soft skills
  • Business and management
  • Entrepreneurship development

Why you should choose VSDC for the Skill development training?

VSDC stand on 4 pillars for the growth of the nation. We strive for providing the new opportunities to all the students. We stay updated to the fast changing education pattern and the scenario of economics according to the demand of the market. The four pillars we work on are:

  • We stay dedicated towards the better tomorrow of our students, staff, trainers or the academic partners.
  • We work with quality at all the levels of training.
  • Appropriate knowledge of everything is necessary for the growth of the VSDC skill development organization.
  • We want to stay on being the pioneer in the field of education.

We being the best in this youth welfare program in India, serve you with the free skill development/ job training. We serve it for all the unemployed youth and the persons in need to make their future better. We help them to be confident in this competitive world on the go of development. Earning is easy if you have ample knowledge in particular field. We will help you make a living in field of your choice.

Vedubuild Skill development centre has the aim to focus on the youth employment as it will gradually help in the development of the country. Trust VSDC and give us a chance to serve you with the best skill development training in various academic fields.

Skill Development: Opportunities and Challenges in India

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