Why Scholarships Are Important to Students

Why Scholarships Are Important to Students

Why Scholarships Are Important to Students?

What is a Scholarship?

Students Scholarship may be generally defined as a financial aid to help meritorious students. It is given depending upon some conditions and criteria that a student needs to fulfill. Many students get scholarships based on financial condition and needs, whereas many get based on their country (if they are studying on a foreign institution), religion of origin, field on which the study is being done, race, gender etc. Scholarships are also given on many forms, like grants, tuition waivers and fellowships. It helps a high number of students every year and assists the needy to pursue higher education.

To enroll for a scholarship, a student needs to fill up many details which also include the obligation of the beneficiaries and following the rules. An organization may stop a scholarship amount for a student on various grounds. If the student drops out of the institution or his/her grade for a semester degrades, then the provider has full right to stop the scholarship immediately. If the student gets involved in illegal activities or spend the fund inappropriately then also the above rules can be applied.

How can Scholarship Help Students?

Students Scholarships in India help many students and their families to get rid of the huge financial charges that are a part of Indian education system. It helps students to buy various items related to learning like laboratory fees, library arrears, hostel fees, transportation costs and costs of books. Many scholarships are renewable also, where the students are given scholarship amounts each year and each semester. Student Scholarships can cover the full cost of education of a student or may cover a part of it.

A scholarship means a lot to the students who are in need. Student Scholarships in India are very much popular and many state governments and public universities provide the amount to the students. Many students can also opt to go abroad in a different continent for higher studies as well. There are many renowned names for provision of scholarship as well, especially the VEES and V-STAR scholarship in Karnataka, which gives annual scholarships to students every year. Students studying from secondary schools to undergraduate courses can be  a beneficiary of the VEES and V-STAR Scholarships.

What is VEES and V-STAR Scholarship?

VEES scholarship is the abbreviation of Vedubuild Excellence Scholarship, which is given by Vedubuild Trust for School Students who are studying in 5th to 10th Standard. V-STAR is another similar type of scholarship which is organized by Vedubuild trust where students of 10+2, Higher Secondary and PUC courses get an annual amount. The Vedubuild Trust was created with the vision to make a strong and young nation. For making India strong, the educational foundations need to be stable in order to make it affordable for students. It also encourages students to take higher education and social activities through this scholarship programme.

Students these days focus on one type of subject where they score high but leave out other subjects. This is because in many competitive exams, questions appear from that single subject and students aspire to ace that particular exam. In this way, the other important subjects and their topics disappear from the students’ mind, and this affects the overall result of the exam. There is also low competition in low-level schools, thus the meritorious students from those schools do not get much exposure and opportunity to prove themselves on a big stage.

To make equality among students of all kind of schools and educational institutions, VEES and V-STAR invites all the state level, central and international academies to let their students participate in the scholarship exam and get the monetary reward.

About VEES Scholarship:

VEES is one of the Top scholarships in Karnataka and there are multiple levels of scholarship amount based on the school and the zone where it belongs. If a student gets the top position in the scholarship exam, then he/she will receive a maximum amount of Rs 1 lakh. Holder of 2nd position will get an amount of Rs 80 thousand and The third position holder will get a maximum of Rs 60 thousand. Students who will be placed in the positions 4 to 8 will be awarded a maximum amount of Rs 50 thousand and those who get 9 to 15 rank will receive Rs 40 thousand.

The schools will get different types of awards too. If a school ranks the top in basis of its student performance, then it will get a reward of Rs 50 thousand. The 2nd position holder school will get Rs 40 thousand. In this manner, 3rd position holder will be receiving Rs 30 thousand, 4th to 10th position holder will get Rs 20 thousand and schools placed within 11 to 25 rank will be given Rs 10 thousand. The top 3 students from each class of a school will be awarded with trophy and certificates. VEES uses Eco friendly (Green paper QR code) certificate. The Vedubuild Trust also organizes Vedubuild Yuvika Awards which helps 100 girl students from Karnataka. Vedubuild Trust also cares for the environment by organizing ‘Plant a Tree, Plant a Life’ Programme.

If you think you are eligible for the Scholarship in 10 Class, then do not waste your precious time and go for filling the scholarship forms. The enrolment program for VEES Scholarship begins from 1st November 2019, and it will end on 30th December 2019. The hall ticket for the scholarship exam will be issued on 15th January 2020. The exam will tentatively be conducted on 18th January 2020 and the scholarship result will come out on 3rd February 2020. The exam will be of 90 minutes duration, with 100 objective type questions which are available on both English and Local Language of the State. The questions will be asked from different subjects like Science, English and Mathematics. More than 30 thousand students will be benefitted from the VEES Scholarship.

About the V-STAR Scholarship

The V-STAR Scholarship for the higher secondary students will be awarded to top 15 students from each wing (Science, Commerce and Humanities). The state level school students will receive Rs 50 thousand for the whole course duration. The division level school students will receive Rs 20 thousand for the same time period and District level students will get Rs 10 thousand. To apply in the V-STAR Scholarship, a student needs to fulfill some criteria. He/she must be a citizen of India, and must have either passed the course in 2018 or is currently pursuing his/her respective subject of study. The student scholarship is open to students from all colleges of India.

The V-STAR enrolment forms will be open for application form 1st November 2019, with the last date for scholarship application being 30th December 2019. The hall ticket for scholarship exam will be issued on 15th January 2020 and the exam is tentatively scheduled to happen on February 2, 2020. The result will be out by 18th February 2020 and the students will be rewarded on June 2020. There will be 100 questions on the concerned subject of the candidate with additional questions on General Awareness, Mental ability and also soft skills. The exam will have duration of 90 minutes. The student scholarship will be very much beneficial for students, especially scholarships for students in engineering.

How to Apply for the VEES and V-STAR Scholarship Exam?

Enrolment for scholarship forms are available in both online and offline mode. If you wish to enroll via offline mode in VEES Scholarship, you need to pay an enrolment fee of Rs 200 at your school against the enrolment form and payment receipt. You can also pay the same amount at online payment getaway. For V-STAR Scholarship, you can pay Rs 250 at your college/institute along with the enrolment form and the payment receipt. You can also choose to pay the amount through online payment getaway. The admit card for the examination will be sent via email to the students. If you do not get the student scholarship admit card, then visit the website to download and print it. The venue details and the exam dates will be mentioned where the student need to appear on the examination date.


India scholarships for students help a lot to the students by various means. It also inspires students to maintain high grade throughout the whole period of study. It will help the students in the later stage when he/she will go for higher education. Moreover, good grades also help directly to the student when he/she goes in search of a job. Higher education is very costly worldwide, and a student scholarship will open up opportunities and let the student achieve the higher education dream without any stress. It also gives opportunity to students to be a lifelong association with a particular organization, institution or a body. So if you are eligible to receive a scholarship, then take the opportunity to attend the scholarship exam and get a chance to march towards a brighter future.

Why Scholarships Are Important to Students

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