Why Skill development training is needed for employability

Skill development training for youth development

Why Skill development training is needed for employability

With the changing scenario of the Industry, the requirements for employment has also changed drastically. The importance of Skill development to boost capabilities and improving the quality of workforce have come forth in the last decade Employers have started demanding generic skills that the graduates have acquired apart from their subject areas. The labor market has become extremely competitive and the demand for labor who are flexible, and are trained in a specific skill has increased. The skills have become more service-oriented.

The scenario of Skilled labor in India Skill development program

Why are employability skills important?

A skilled workforce plays an integral part in enhancing employment opportunities which in turn builds the economy and improves society.  Unfortunately, only 3%of the workforce in India is formally trained and know the Importance of skills in workplace. With a rapidly growing working population in India employability must be improved to effectively address the deficit of skilled workers.

Indian society is facing a Skill development crunch due to the dysfunctional education system.

Future of jobs in India

The global trends are revolving around technological changes, which are impacting the patterns of production, consumption, and employment in the developed world. People are also recognizing the Benefits of skill development training. This technology is changing the future workforce in India as well. India will have to change its education system and transform it into a demand-led system integrated with Skill development program. This can help employees increase their employability and advance their careers by embracing skills-based certifications by the use of different Skill development courses.

It is time for professionals to keep up with the changing technologies in the market, and re-skill and up-skill continuously. With the introduction of many new job roles, the need for certification has increased.

Certifications help companies secure the very best industry talent. They also empower people to test their knowledge, broaden their skills and pursue new career goals by enrolling in Skill India registration.

Almost every industry in India isimpacted by digital transformation. Newly Trained and skilled young professionals can help their employers keep up with the changing business scenario. India is set to become a more connected nation, with ‘one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for digital consumers, but adoption is uneven among businesses.

Initiatives to bridge the Gap

To keep up with the trend, the government has introduced many schemes to improve the quality of the workforce like the National skill development mission. The government has reformed the apprenticeship system to make it conducive for employers to create Employability skills as per their needs. However, the implementation and adaptation of the Employability skills training have been very slow. However, Skill development mission needs to be an integral part of the education system. This has been best demonstrated by European countries where Government, employers, academia, and community have equal participation in making a healthy skill ecosystem. They focus on skills right at the early learning days of a child, thus building transverse skills that set the foundation for quality education. India has made a National skill development corporation registration and more people need to enroll. There also has been significant Initiatives of NGO towards employment.


The whole bringing of a gap will take some time at the end of the day and the government is not giving up on the whole concept of it. They are doing their best and we can totally believe that something good will actually come out of this initiative. We just need to wait for a little. Skill development courses list can help in many Skill development centre.

Why Skill development training is needed for employability

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